The "Urgence Propreté" agents of the city of Paris intervene... in Goupil!

January 27, 2023 - Vehicles

Launched in June 2018, Urgence Propreté teams crisscross the arrondissements of Paris at the wheel of our electric vans!

This system allows us to maintain the cleanliness of the city's streets while intervening quickly on reports from the town hall or residents. 

In order to carry out these permanent cleaning interventions, the Urgence Propreté agents are equipped with our Goupil G4 mixed tilting platform with high-pressure cleaner: a real work tool that allows them to carry out various tasks and to respond to emergencies requiring a cleaning action in a fast and efficient way! 

The municipal agents are mobilized in an organized way according to the alerts and react in real time to the reports:

  • Cleaning of specific areas, public toilets, dog waste or even road signs or billboards,
  • Collection of waste, illegal dumping or litter garbage cans...

The missions are diverse and varied! 


And thanks to the ultra-compact size of the 100% electric utility vehicle, they can position themselves as close as possible to the site of intervention and access the busiest areas without disturbing local residents.

Adapted to Stop & Go applications, the Goupil also allows them to transport their necessary equipment (shovel, brooms, tools, etc.).  

The Goupil vehicle also makes it easy to identify the intervention teams in the streets of the capital: with its green color and its "Urgence Propreté" sticker, you've probably already seen one of the 34 vehicles! 

Every day, a little less than 200 agents are mobilized to keep the beautiful city of Paris clean!