Our electric utility vehicles successfully meet the requirements of industrial sites or logistics centres. Thanks to their small footprint and a high payload capacity of up to 1,200 kg, they are the perfect partners for your movements on site.

The benefits of electric vehicles on closed sites

Closed sites such as warehouses, refineries, harbours or airports bring a lot of constraints to combustion-powered vehicles and can cause premature failure. Electric vehicles have a number of advantages:

  • Driving inside buildings: no CO2 emission, no noise pollution.
  • Fatigue reduction for drivers: no clutch or vibration.
  • Cost reduction: less maintenance, no petrol costs.
  • Image: commitment to the environment visible by everyone visiting the site.

Fourgon G4 sur un site industriel

Why choose Goupil electric vehicles for logistics operations?

A Goupil electric utility vehicle moves easily across the site with minimal disturbance for people present. Thanks to a high payload for a very compact size, our Goupil vehicles prove to be genuine work tools.

Our main configurations for logistics operations:

  • Electric vehicle with a pick-up to transport metrology equipment or heavy items between the different buildings
  • Electric vehicle equipped with a refrigerated or isothermal van body to maintain the cold chain when delivering fresh or frozen goods
  • Electric vehicle with a secure box van to transport sensitive parcels.
G4 refrigerated van
Goupil refrigerated van for transporting for the delivery for fresh goods
Goupil G6 box van
9 m3 box van ideal for deliveries in urban or suburban areas