Our range of compact vehicles perfectly meet the requirements of industrial sites or logistic platforms. Thanks to their small footprint and a payload capacity of up to 1,200 kg, our Goupil’s are the perfect partners for daily onsite trips.

Businesses in the logistics sector are more than ever faced with the challenges of sustainable mobility. Bicycles, delivery tricycles, cars, buses, trains, carpooling…. All means of transportation are being reviewed to redefine flows and promote eco-mobility. In response to the urgent need for climate action and the push towards more sustainable mobility, an increasing number of companies are opting for environmentally friendly utility vehicles.

While the transportation sector is frequently criticised for its significant environmental impact, it's crucial to recognise that all activities within the industry can adapt to the demands of the ecological transition.

Logistics activities are considered intensive with the constant movement of utility vehicles for loading, unloading, and transporting goods from one location to another. Consequently, industry stakeholders are in search of sturdy and long-lasting equipment, and our utility vehicles align perfectly with these criteria.

Whether it's urban journeys, intrasite movements, or handling operations within storage warehouses, all logistics activities can be decarbonised with Goupil. Discover our range of electric vehicles manufactured in France.

Why choose Goupil for logistics operations?

Professionals in the logistics and transportation sector are actively exploring mobility solutions to enhance the efficiency of their transportation flows, all while prioritising the safety of operators.

Goupil vehicles, well-suited for sourcing, storage, and goods deliveries, have garnered significant interest from many companies in the industry.

5 reasons to choose Goupil electric utility trucks for logistics operations:

  • 100% electric utilities for indoor mobility: no CO2 emissions and minimal noise pollution, they enable smooth circulation within buildings.
  • Optimising operating costs: lower fleet operating expenses by minimising maintenance costs and eliminating the need for fuel cards.
  • Improved working conditions: Spacious cabins ensure optimal comfort, while the absence of a clutch and vibrations help reduce driver fatigue. This enhances both driver and pedestrian safety.
  • The compact dimensions and narrow turning radius facilitate indoor manoeuvres.
  • Perfectly suited for last mile deliveries and navigating through low-emission zones (LEZ).

Tailored for professional use, our vehicles serve your teams by offering the ergonomics and autonomy essential for carrying out their daily tasks in optimal conditions.

Goupil G4 navigating on an industrial site

Available for purchase or leasing, Goupil offers numerous advantages for use in closed-site environments:


With its compact dimensions, the Goupil truck effortlessly manoeuvres within logistics warehouses, seamlessly navigating between storage racks without disrupting surrounding personnel. Its short turning radius simplifies manoeuvres in the tightest spaces.

Brand Perception

Embracing electric vehicles as part of a business strategy reinforces a commitment to sustainable mobility. This eco-friendly approach not only enhances the image of companies with the external public but also with their partners and collaborators.


In response to the needs of logistics professionals, Goupil electric vehicles offer robust and adaptable mobility solutions. They adjust to various logistics operations, providing support in handling, storage, and the transportation of goods across the entire supply chain.

A small utility vehicle with remarkable capabilities

There are numerous mobility solutions available to decarbonise your fleet, including cargo bikes, tricycles, hydrogen cars, electric two-wheelers, etc. While these options are often well-suited for last mile deliveries, they may not always meet the demands of the logistics sector.

To cover larger urban areas and navigate between the various warehouses in the city, businesses often opt for utility vans with sufficient autonomy and cargo capacity.

Goupil utility vehicles perfectly address these challenges: in addition to a loading capacity of up to 1,200 kg, they are approved for road use and can reach a speed of up to 80 km/h, ideal for quickly moving between warehouses.

The ergonomic design of the cabin proves to be an additional asset for applications requiring frequent entry and exit.

Whether you are looking for a van for handling operations inside a storage warehouse or a utility vehicle for parcel distribution in suburban areas, our Goupil models offer cargo space ranging from 1.25 m³ to 9 m³, perfectly suited for various logistics activities.

Van body with a cargo capacity of 9 m3

The benefits of electric and lithium technologies

To accommodate the requirements of your daily travels, whether in city centres or on the outskirts, we offer a range of lithium batteries, spanning from 5.2 kWh to 21 kWh.

Our team assesses each project to make the optimal battery choice. Depending on the vehicle's usage (within closed-site areas, urban or suburban areas), some capacities may be insufficient, while others could be oversized. Given that the battery cost significantly impacts the final price of an electric utility vehicle, we recommend clearly defining your needs in advance to avoid unnecessary investments.

Very often, drivers will take breaks between trips. These are perfect opportunities to partially recharge the truck’s battery pack. Topping up the batteries is possible thanks to the lithium technology, proving to be a valuable advantage for enhancing flexibility.

If it's not already the case and you are investing in an electric fleet, installing charging stations on your site will be essential. These stations enable you to optimise each journey and maximise the potential of your utility vehicles.

Configurations tailored to your profession

For over 25 years, Goupil has been manufacturing and producing 100% electric utility vehicles for all businesses.  Based in the Southwest of France, our team is ready to address all your requirements.

Are you overseeing a storage warehouse? Do you own a delivery company? Are you responsible for managing various logistics platforms? Share your mobility project with us, and we will offer a tailored solution that best suits your business needs!

Our wide range of equipment includes various configurations particularly well-suited for the transport and logistics sector:

  • The 9 m3 van body with side and rear doors: the Goupil provides an ideal loading space for parcel deliveries in city centres or suburban areas.
  • The load bed with tailgate configuration provides handling assistance for loading and unloading goods.
  • The refrigerated van is specifically designed to transport products from one location to another while maintaining the cold chain.
G4 refrigerated van
Goupil refrigerated van for transporting for the delivery for fresh goods
Goupil G6 box van
9 m3 box van ideal for deliveries in urban or suburban areas

All our models are available for purchase or hire. Our range includes options for both long-term and short-term leasing, depending on your requirements. Get in touch for more information, our team is available to answer all your questions!

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