Within our wide range of equipment, the tipper is one of the most common applications for our electrical utility vehicles. 

Why choose the tipper?

Favoured for its versatility, the tipper offers many possibilities:

A simple and practical design

The Goupil tipper is fitted with dropdown aluminium gates which are also detachable. This design gives full use of the load bed area and allows for easy loading and unloading.

In addition to the gates, our tipper can be equipped with a mesh or solid cage body for loading bulky items or large bins. The cage body is especially recommended for green space maintenance or waste collection applications.

A netting can also be fitted to the cage body to retain the green waste inside the load bed when driving.

Versatile and adaptable

The Goupil tipper is very popular because of its versatility. Fitting a 500 L water tank with a watering system and/or a high pressure washer takes only a few minutes. This multi-purpose model is ideal for maintenance, transport, watering or cleaning applications on a daily basis.   

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