Infrastructure management is often essential: cities, parks, factories but also universities must be able to count on reliable and robust vehicles to achieve their daily work.

Campuses are going electric!

An electric utility vehicle is ideal for the management of a university, including transporting people, green areas’ maintenance, waste collection, surveillance operations or facility management… The small utility van offers a means of transportation that combines comfort and safety.

Goupil offers a wide range of compact, manoeuvrable and versatile trucks that perfectly meet the transportation needs of universities. The ergonomic design of our utility vehicles makes them the ideal partner for short trips with frequent stops.

Whether you need a small utility vehicle for cleaning facilities, upkeeping green spaces, or conducting control and security operations on your campus, our vans or load beds will make you versatile and efficient in the field.

With over 25 years of experience, Goupil has built a strong reputation in France and across Europe. Our utility vehicles are highly regarded by many universities and schools for ensuring safe and discreet transportation.

If you are responsible for campus maintenance teams or manage a landscaping business and want to operate more sustainably, don’t wait any longer and contact our teams. Your next utility vehicle will be 100% customisable and 100% electric!

The benefits of electric technology for universities

Small electric utility trucks are the ideal means of transportation for professionals working on campuses. The Goupil effectively replaces fossil-fuel powered vehicles for transportation, maintenance, security, and logistics applications on university grounds.

Driving comfort

The absence of vibrations and the replacement of manual gearboxes with automatic ones provide optimal ease of use for the driver. Electric motors allow the small utility vehicle to move around the entire campus quietly, enhancing the daily well-being of students and teachers.


Electric vehicles reduce expensive maintenance costs associated with underutilized internal combustion engines. Operating costs are also lower, as electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel.


Opting for a Goupil utility vehicle enhances the image of the campus by promoting electric mobility. Choosing electric vehicles also raises awareness among students about climate issues, as they play an important role in the fight for a more sustainable environment.


The Goupil facilitates the daily logistics operations for universities. Vehicle charging can be done directly on campus, eliminating the need to travel off-site to refuel. The utility vehicles can be recharged using a standard household outlet or plugged into a charging station.

Goupil, the ideal partner for universities

Our range of utility vehicles perfectly meets the transportation needs of campuses.

G2 van body for delivery operations on campus


For simple tasks such as the transport of tools or cleaning products, parcel delivery or mail distribution, the compact G2 and G4 vehicles prove to be the best partners.

With an adequate payload of up to 1,200 kg and a small footprint, they can move around the campus without disturbing students or teaching staff.

Universities are often spread out over several locations. Thanks to their road approval, Goupil’s can used to travel between the different facilities.

Wide range

Our vehicles come with various battery options, ranging between 5.8 kWh and 15.4 kWh for lead acid batteries and between 5.2 kWh and 28.8 kWh for lithium batteries.

The various maintenance operations of a campus do not require to travel long distances. With a maximum range of nearly 200 km, Goupil vehicles are well-suited for managing the facilities of a university.

Whatever the size of your university, you can be sure to find the right model to meet your range requirements.


Some of the most renowned universities in France and in Europe, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester or Bordeaux are already trusting Goupil. What about you?

Contact us for more information on our products or to receive a quotation!

Specific configurations for various applications

Goupil offers various configurations suitable for managing universities’ facilities.

G4 with waste collector


Green areas and facilities upkeeping is vital to offering a friendly and welcoming environment to students and staff on campus.

Our load beds are fitted with removable and detachable gates and designed to be highly versatile, making them perfect both for cleaning and maintenance operations.

The standard load bed configuration offers a sizeable loading capacity that can easily accommodate your gardening and/or cleaning tools and equipment.

Fitted with a watering system, our tipper can be used by your landscaping teams. The silent nature of the Goupil’s allows for watering operations early in the morning or late at night with causing any noise pollution.

Our range includes 2-in-1 configurations, combining the load bed with a high-pressure washer, a leaf collector or a storage box.

The combined versions offer maximum versatility and make our Goupil’s the perfect partners for keeping the premises clean.


If you need a vehicle for delivering mail or moving equipment, our vans offer a loading volume ranging from 1.25 m3 to 9 m3.

The van body can be tailored to meet your needs, including side and/or rear shutters, shelves, compartments

We also offer specific configurations for the transport of laundry or a refrigerated van for delivering food products.

Whatever your business requirements, Goupil will be able to offer a suitable solution. Our teams are available to help in choosing the right configuration to meet your needs.

Waste collection

Waste collection is an essential service on campuses and Goupil offers various equipment to meet this need.

Our load bed offers a range of possibilities, making it the perfect option for various tasks.

After tending to the green spaces or maintaining the facilities of your university, you can easily turn the load bed into a waste collection configuration. To do so, simply fit a cage body and a net. This setup enables efficient and secure waste collection operations.

Alternatively, choose our waste collector with side dropdown doors. This equipment simplifies the process of transporting waste to the final unloading point, making it more convenient for waste management teams on campus.

With Goupil's adaptable solutions, waste collection becomes an effortless and efficient process, contributing to the cleanliness and sustainability of universities.