Infrastructure management is often essential: cities, parks, factories but also universities must be able to count on reliable and robust vehicles to achieve their daily work.

The benefits of electric vehicles for university campuses

  • Eco-friendly: our electric vehicles do not emit any CO2 during use, therefore contributing to a healthier environment for everyone on campus.
  • Discreet: 100 % silent, Goupil vehicles considerably reduce noise pollution. As a result, the well-being of students and teachers is improved daily. 
  • Image: universities that have chosen to go electric benefit from an enhanced image, particularly among students, both future and current, proving their commitment towards sustainable development. 

Why choose Goupil for your campus?


When it comes to simple tasks such as transporting tools or moving on campus, the Goupil G2 or G4 vehicles turn out to be the best partners thanks to their compact size, their suitable payload and their wide range of body options.

If you require vehicles for gardening or maintenance applications, our built-in electric high-pressure washer and our watering solutions will help you to be both versatile and efficient on site.

For more specific tasks such as waste collection, opt for a cage body and net or a high-tip waste collector for the movement of rubbish.  

Wide range

Our range of vehicles includes a variety of traction lead-acid and lithium batteries. Regardless of the campus size, you can be sure to find the right model to meet your range requirements. 


Some of Europe’s most prestigious universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester or Bordeaux have already chosen Goupil. What about you? Contact us for more information.