Facility Management is done in various areas : cities, parks, factories and also universities who have to rely on reliable and robust vehicles to achieve their daily work.

Why choose Goupil for your campus?

Electric and adaptable

When it comes to the most simple tasks such as carrying tools or going from places, the compact Goupil G2 and G4 prove to be the best partners thanks to the small footprint, adequate payload and wide range of equipment.

If you need to extend the usages to gardening and cleaning, then our built-in electric high-pressure washer and watering solutions allow you to be versatile on the field without losing on efficiency.

With more specific use cases such as bin collection, go for the metal cage on pickup deck or high tipper to ensure the waste stay in one place until final unloading.

No matter what the campus size is, we have you covered with a wide range of traction lead-acid and lithium battery packs if range is ever a concern.

Some of the most reputed universities in Europe (Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Bordeaux etc.) are relying on Goupil, why aren’t you yet? Contact us for more info.