Mainly used for logistics operations, our electric vehicles fitted with a van body have established a strong presence for various applications. 

Why choose a box van?

The Goupil vehicle is a genuine work tool suitable for any business needs. Fitted with a van body, it offers many possibilities.

To facilitate your work

The driver benefits from the full capacity of the box van thanks to its cubical design with square corners and no wheel arches.

The ergonomic design helps facilitate the work of your maintenance teams. A loading height at 80 cm allows the operator to keep his back straight while loading and unloading, providing him with a comfortable work environment.


Depending on your line of work, your requirements will differ. Our box van can therefore be fitted with one to three shutters.

Some examples of box van configurations:

  • Deliveries on closed sites (airports, businesses…): a left-hand-side shutter, on the driver’s side, will facilitate his daily shift.
  • Deliveries on public roads: a right-hand-side shutter will be better suited to ensure the driver’s safety while unloading.
  • Bulky items deliveries: the addition of a rear shutter is recommended to facilitate unloading, regardless of the volume.

Our self-retracting roll-up shutters are made of steel and come with a full-length handle.

In addition to the shutters, different internal configurations can be made to meet your specific needs. For instance, we offer a van body to transport laundry that is perfectly suited for hotel complexes, campsites or healthcare facilities.

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