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Based in our factory in the Southwest of France, our team designs and manufactures electric utility vehicles since 1996. Compact and versatile, our Goupil’s are more than just vehicles: they are genuine work tools! 

Our G2, G4 and G6 models are entirely customisable and a perfect fit for various business sectors: local councils, industry, leisure, small businesses, logistics, last mile deliveries… 

Part of the Polaris Group since 2011, Goupil is continually expanding their range of products to provide every business with the utility vehicle that meets their exact needs. Our utility trucks are being used in more than 40 countries around the world: so, don’t wait any longer to contact your local dealer and find your Goupil! 

  • 190 employees
  • 25,000 vehicles registered
  • + than 25 years of experience
  • 40 countries worldwide

Find the perfect electric vehicle for your business

Every business is different so Goupil adapts to every application in offering tailored solutions. As well as our standard models, we design customised body options to ensure you get the work tool you need. 

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Goupil vehicles are perfectly suited to industrial sites.
More than just a means of transport for your teams, our electric utility vehicles can operate inside buildings. Their maximum speed can be limited for safe trips without causing any inconvenience for surrounding staff. Maintenance, cleaning, moving goods: the daily tasks of your industry are made easy with this nippy and sustainable work partner.
Find out more about our various models and choose the right body configuration for your industrial site!


Do you own a holiday club? Are you managing a hotel or a campsite? Find out more about our solutions for your industry.

Loading and moving laundry, luggage, cleaning or maintenance tools are part of the daily operations of any leisure centre: with a Goupil, these tasks are made easy for your teams. They are an excellent alternative or add-on to any golf cart you might have in your fleet of vehicles. Their electric technology is also a big advantage: no noise or air pollution for your guests.

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Last mile delivery

With an increasing number of cars and ever stricter restrictions, driving through town centres with a fossil fuel-powered van is getting harder. To ensure hassle-free deliveries in the very heart of the city, a compact electric truck is the perfect option.
Pollution-free and silent, the Goupil will be greatly appreciated by bystanders and will also fit the requirements for driving though low emission zones. For suburban applications, you can opt for our latest model, the G6. Its max speed of 80 km/h and larger cab with 3 seats will be a great asset for such trips.
Have a look at our range of vans designed for loading and unloading parcels.


Goupil vehicles are popular for managing infrastructures and on-site travel.
Their compact size and electric technology are perfect the maintenance of closed sites. These advantages allow for our utility vehicles to be used outside as well as inside buildings. Transporting equipment or people, cleaning, maintaining parks, a Goupil box van or skip is just right for the maintenance of healthcare establishments.
Discover more about our range of electric utility vehicles and the many body configurations available.


Campuses are often large sites and their maintenance teams require an efficient means of transport to go from one end of the site to the other.
This is where our Goupil vehicles come into play! 100% electric, they run silently and sustainably, a perfect fit for your academic institution. Your teams will be able to drive safely at low speed among students and other bystanders, while carrying out their daily tasks: upkeeping green areas, watering, cleaning pathways, maintaining the various infrastructures or collecting waste.


Goupil vehicles are highly recommended for the airport industry. Just like big industrial sites, airports require robust and reliable utility vehicles, able to go anywhere. With our electric vehicles, your teams will be able to handle the loading and transporting of goods and even operate inside buildings. Silent and pollution-free, they will not inconvenience travellers and will strengthen your commitment towards a sustainable environment. Discover our various models and find out more about our specific body configurations for airports.

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Our small electric utility trucks meet your needs

As a professional, you are always looking for the best option for your business.

Our Goupil electric utility vehicles are adaptive and can be custom-built to meet your exact needs.

Are you managing waste collection and cleaning operations for your local council? Are you responsible for the maintenance of an industrial site? Are you opening a leisure centre? Are you handling the maintenance of parks and gardens? Are you carrying out deliveries in city centres or transporting parcels between various sites?

Whatever your business plan, we have the vehicle you need. Discover more about our different models and do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. Let our teams know about your needs and you can rest assured that will be by your side every step of the way to choosing your next utility vehicle. 

Specific body options for specific applications 

The daily use of a utility vehicle varies from one application to another: from just a means of transport to a tailored work tool, or a commitment towards a more sustainable environment, the choice of a new utility vehicle is dictated by your business activities. 

At Goupil, our teams work everyday to develop body options that will meet your needs.

We have dozens of standard body configurations available today: pick-up or tipper, waste collector, leaf collector, high-pressure washer, water tank… There is plenty to choose from and we continue to widen our range of equipment so that every business owner can find the vehicle that’s right for them.

You can’t find the configuration that meets your requirements? Thanks to our R&D unit, we regularly develop bespoke body options for our customers. Contact us so we can talk about your needs and offer you a specific solution. 

The development of a new range of electric vehicles has been co-financed by the European Union as part of the "Operational Programme ERDF-ESF 2014-2020".

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  • Why choose an electric utility vehicle?

    For private cars and UTV’s (Utility Terrain Vehicles) alike, the electric market is quickly developing and its utility vehicles offer many advantages: less maintenance and operating costs (no gearbox, filter or oil tank…), government incentives, expansion of the charging stations’ network, the assurance to be able to drive in city centres during pollution peaks as well as within low emission zones, etc. For all these reasons, professionals are set on switching to electric vehicles and view them as a solution for the future. They make a sustainable choice to forego their fossil fuel-powered vehicles, recognizing the need to decarbonise road transport. Car manufacturers and skate holders in e-mobility work side by side to expand their offer and influence prices, enabling more and more people to purchase an electric vehicle.

  • What is the price of a Goupil electric utility vehicle?

    The price of a Goupil utility vehicle varies a lot depending on the wheelbase you choose, the type of battery, body options and accessories. The higher the battery power (measured in kWh), the higher the impact on the cost of the vehicle. As our models include many options and tailored bodies developed in partnership with our suppliers, we invite to you contact us directly in order to get a price. After filling the form, our teams will contact you within 48 hours and you will be receiving a personalised non-binding offer as soon as possible.

  • Is it possible to rent a Goupil?

    Goupil has a network of exclusive dealers who represent our brand in over 40 countries worldwide. Their offer includes rental solutions with or without service maintenance plans. For more information, do not hesitate to contact your local dealer.

  • What is the range of a Goupil vehicle?

    The first question that comes to mind when talking about electric vehicles is the range. If this is a key point when choosing a passenger car, it isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to a UTV. More than 80% of our customers drive less than 50 km/h per day. While spending a lot time in the vehicle (more than 6 hours a day), council workers who collect bins or maintain green areas rarely exceed 100 km daily. Investing in high capacity batteries is therefore not a necessity. For applications requiring a higher range, such as delivery services, we will direct you to a specific model with lithium batteries where partial charges are possible and will come in very handy. No matter the number of kilometres you wish to cover, our job is to help you choose the battery that is right for your business.

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