G2, G4 and G6 vehicles are perfectly suited for the maintenance of your public spaces. 100% electric, they provide an environmentally friendly solution for many professionals.

Goupil has built its success on its ability to meet the very specific needs of demanding clients. For over 25 years, we have been using our knowledge and expertise to cater to the needs of professionals seeking a compact utility vehicle that delivers both efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Our range of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) offers configurations cut out for the maintenance of public spaces. From road cleaning to waste collection, upkeeping of green spaces or maintaining stadiums… our team will help you choose your next working partner!

Goupil offers a wide selection of 100% electric vehicles with equipment tailored to the needs of a diverse clientele: municipalities, industrial sites, tourist establishments, and even hospitals.

Why choose Goupil for the maintenance of public spaces?

5 reasons to opt for Goupil electric utility vehicles for keeping public premises clean:

  •      100% electric vehicle, silent and emission-free, perfect for operating in close proximity to pedestrians, residents and inside buildings,
  • Our utility vehicles are approved for road use,
  • Goupil’s are fully customisable for all your maintenance tasks,
  • The operating and maintenance costs are lower compared to utility vehicles with internal combustion engines,
  • Our vehicles are perfect for “stop & go” applications.

The challenges faced by maintenance services are the same for tourist establishments (hotels, campsites), leisure facilities (amusement parks, golf courses, sports fields), hospitals, and industrial zones. Cleaning common areas is subject to the same constraints, including the need for discreet and safe operations.

Goupil vehicles, designed and manufactured in France, provide a tailored solution for all types of cleaning or urban development operations: service providers, landscapers, road services, and more.

Our compact and versatile utility vehicles are genuine work tools, offering ample cargo space for transporting ride-on mowers, cleaning equipment, or maintenance tools. Fitted with all-season or low-pressure tyres, they are comfortable on any terrain.

G6 with hooklift for maintenance operations at a tourist resort

Maintenance agents need to frequently enter and exit the vehicle as part of their daily tasks. The ergonomic design of our range provides both the driver and passengers with a utility vehicle that combines comfort and safety.

Our team is continually dedicated to enhancing equipment efficiency to meet the evolving demands of professionals. We have long-standing partnerships with numerous companies and public organisations that trust us and have referenced our products, especially for urban maintenance.

A small utility vehicle with remarkable capabilities

Our models fall into the category of light commercial vehicles (LCVs), with a GVWR of 3.5 tonnes, allowing the driver to tow up to 1,700 kg. Unparalleled in a vehicle of this type, our Goupil’s offer a payload of up to 1,200 kg.

Our range of combined configurations enables efficient cleaning and maintenance of public spaces using high-pressure cleaners or leaf vacuums. Combined with a load bed or a waste collector, you can simultaneously transport equipment (lawnmowers, brooms, shovels, etc.) or collect waste.

With their ultra-compact size, Goupil vehicles can easily navigate the narrowest spaces within city centres. Their limited width enables them to manoeuvre between anti-parking bollards to access public areas efficiently.

The small footprint and electric technology of our vehicles enable them to operate in pedestrian areas or on roadways without causing obstructions to pedestrians or disrupting traffic flow.

For maintenance work inside buildings, using a Goupil is ideal for cleaning restrooms and common areas in industrial sites, amusement parks, public agencies, airport facilities, and more.

Some models, such as the G2, can be fitted with low-pressure wheels. This allows them to be used on muddy roads or for maintaining golf courses or sports fields without the risk of damaging the grass.

G2 with turf tyres

Goupil utility vehicles enhance both the performance and comfort of your team, ultimately improving their daily routines and efficiency. Additionally, they empower every professional to actively participate in the environmental transition.

Configurations tailored to your profession

Every professional seeks the best utility vehicle to meet to the needs of their business.

Are you a landscaper responsible for maintaining parks and gardens? Do you manage an urban maintenance and cleanliness service team? Are you the owner of a professional cleaning service company?

Within its extensive range of equipment, Goupil provides configurations tailored to your specific profession:

  • Hooklift with container for collecting green waste or transporting maintenance equipment (lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws...),
  • Tipper fitted with a high-pressure cleaner powered by an electric motor: this setup is perfect for efficiently cleaning areas with urban furniture (benches, playgrounds, public toilets, etc.),
  • Tipper with a storage box: cleaning products and tools can be stored in the trunk behind the cabin or on the load bed for the transport of larger equipment. This configuration facilitates the maintenance of restrooms and communal spaces in businesses or public institutions.
G4 with high pressure washer
Goupil with HP washer for cleaning street furniture
G6 with hooklift and mobile container
G6 with hooklift for transporting maintenance equipment

Goupil, expert in tailor-made solutions

Goupil has been designing and manufacturing 100% electric utility vehicles in the Southwest of France since 1996. We provide turnkey solutions featuring the most advanced and innovative bodywork for optimal performance.

We continually place our customers at the forefront, making them the central focus of our product planning. Their first-hand experience in the field has been instrumental in the development of many of our configurations.

At Goupil, we understand that each profession comes with its own equipment and safety requirements. Over the years, we've honed our expertise in crafting bespoke solutions. Our in-house engineering team creates unique and entirely personalised options.

Thanks to our responsiveness and our commitment to innovation, Goupil has earned recognition and trust from numerous municipalities and businesses, both in France and internationally.

Our range of vehicles is available for sale or for long-term leasing (36, 48, or 60 months), and we also offer short-term rentals to accommodate seasonal or occasional needs.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our teams for a tailored assessment.

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