Goupil has built its success on its capacity to answer the very specific needs of demanding customers. The G4, G5 or G2 ranges offer solutions for the maintenance of public spaces.

The problems met by public authorities are the same in leisure centres, amusement parks, hospitals or industrial sites. The cleaning of communal areas ou public ways have the same demands, namely the necessity to intervene discreetly and safely.

Goupil vehicles bring the perfect answer offering 100% electric and ultra compact solutions. It is possible to intervene inside buildings or close to staff or visitors in almost complete silence.

Why choose Goupil for public space cleaning ?

Ideally adapted to the Stop and Go applications, the electric vehicle brings a safe and ergonomic solution to the public area cleaners. Unrivalled on a vehicle of this size the payload range can reach 1,200 kg.  The vehicle can be fitted with high pressure modules with a capacity of up to 500 litres of water on board.

G4 cleaning Walibi


The utra compact size of Goupil vehicles is a huge advantage to get close onsite. Public spaces can be easily accessed by driving between on street bollards. Access to urban material (benches, play areas, public toilets...) is easy. The agents will be able to intervene with minimum noise in close proximity.


For other more specific tasks like the fight against visual pollution, the Goupil can be fitted with a hydrogumming skid. The agents can work directly from the pavement and therefore clean the graffiti in all safety.

On the mixed version it is possible to combine on the same chassis a high pressure module with a tipper or van for maximum versatility.

For over 15 years, Goupil has been manufacturing tailor made vehicles for its customers. We offer turnkey solutions with the most innovative and high performance equipment. Contact our team for a personalised study.