Green spaces

The G2, G4 and G6 models offer bespoke solutions for the maintenance of green spaces, such as public parks and gardens.

Why choose Goupil for the upkeep of your green areas?

From maintaining the parks and gardens of a town to servicing the grounds of a sports complex, the daily routine of a gardener of landscaper requires a small utility truck perfectly suited to their work.

For more than 25 years, Goupil has been developing 100% electric utility vehicles for all businesses.

Our range includes a variety of body options for the maintenance of green areas: traditional dump trucks, vans, hydraulic hooklifts with container and more.

5 reasons to choose our range of electric vehicles for the maintenance of your outdoor space:

  • Eco-friendly utility vehicles: our 100% electric technology ensures that our vehicles are environmentally responsible,
  • Comprehensive range with green space body options: our product line includes a wide range of equipment designed specifically for maintaining green spaces,
  • Cost savings for businesses and communities: electric utility vehicles translate into cost savings through reduced maintenance and operational expenses for your vehicle fleet,
  • Customisable equipment: Goupil offers modular equipment solutions to cater to the specific needs of each business,
  • Adaptability to all terrains: 
    - Equipped with low-pressure tyres, our vehicles are well-suited for lawns and unpaved paths,
    - Our models are also licensed for use on public roads, providing versatile mobility options.

The upkeep of green spaces requires the involvement of maintenance personnel, skilled gardeners or landscape experts for planning, overseeing, and caring for parks, squares, sports fields…

For tasks ranging from material transport and green waste disposal to watering, gardeners and landscapers depend on versatile and efficient vehicles.

Our range of utility trucks offers a wide selection of models tailored for green space maintenance with equipment designed to enable every industry professional to carry out their work under ideal conditions.

Goupil G4 driving through a residential area

All our models are fully electric, providing numerous benefits to both local government maintenance services and private businesses that opt for a Goupil utility vehicle:


The electric technology in our vehicles allows for better control of the operating and maintenance costs of your vehicle fleet.

Environmentally friendly

100% electric, our vehicles are emission-free and silent. They can operate in city centres or residential areas without causing disruptions to pedestrians or residents.


Sustainable transportation lies at the core of our societal challenges, impacting the lifestyle and consumer habits of every citizen. As a business professional, investing in an electric utility vehicle demonstrates your commitment towards the environment, while also improving your company’s reputation.

A small utility vehicle with remarkable capabilities

Highly manoeuvrable and inconspicuous, Goupil trucks can navigate through city streets, parks and gardens without disrupting vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

With a cargo capacity of up to 1.200 kg and a van body boasting a maximum loading volume of 9 m3, our utility vehicles are ideal for transporting maintenance tools and landscaping material.

Goupil trucks have been designed to offer a comfortable work environment, featuring a spacious cab with 2 or 3 seats, depending on the model.
A range of equipment and accessories provides professionals with the tools they need to work safely.

Fitted with turf tyres, our vehicles can be used to maintain sports fields or gardens without damaging the grass.

Our range includes ultra-compact models for manoeuvring in the most confined spaces, as well as utility vehicles that can reach 80 km/h, ideal for delivering maintenance equipment in suburban areas without disrupting car or heavy truck traffic.

Configurations tailored to your profession

Utility vehicles are essential to businesses maintaining outdoor spaces and the selection of the body option differs depending on the task at hand.

Do you operate a landscaping company? Are you responsible for the upkeep of green spaces in your municipality? Are you the owner of a sports facility?

G6 tipper for green areas
Tipper used for the maintenance of green areas in a town
Goupil G4 for green areas
Tipper with storage box for the maintenance of parks and gardens

Our product line offers a wide selection of equipment to facilitate the transport of maintenance equipment or material for landscaping:

  • The tipper truck, which serves as a standard model for gardeners and landscapers, is ideal for moving green waste. The tilting bed makes for easy unloading.
    Additionally, it can be used for transporting tools or bulky material. Fitted with a cage body, it offers a large cargo capacity.
  • The combined version of our tippers offers even more efficiency: they can be combined with a storage box for moving equipment safely or fitted with a leaf collector.
  • Our van body offers a maximum loading volume of 9 m3: this set-up is perfect for delivering landscaping equipment in urban areas.

Goupil, expert in tailor-made solutions

At Goupil, we know that every business is unique. Our customer’s needs have led our R&D team to develop numerous bespoke solutions. Some of these configurations has also been developed in collaboration with coachbuilders:

  • Goupil with aerial work platform for trimming operations,
  • Hydraulic hooklift with container for moving maintenance tools, green waste, large equipment and bulk materials (sand, gravel),
  • 800 L water tank system for the maintenance of flower beds.

G6 with hooklift and container

Choosing a Goupil guarantees you’ll get a utility vehicle that meets your business needs.

We prioritise customer satisfaction, and our team is ready to examine your requirements and offer a customised quotation.

Our vehicles are available for purchase or rental, and our leasing options cover both long-term and short-term agreements.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for further information or to request a pricing proposal.

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