Green spaces

The G2, G4 or G6 models offer tailored solutions for the maintenance of your green spaces: public gardens, squares, parks...

Why choose Goupil for the maintenance of your green spaces?


Fitted with low pressure wheels (also called turf tyres), Goupil vehicles can operate on grass and soft ground

Various equipment

Thanks to the many options available, our vehicles are perfectly adapted to the different activities of your staff. 

  • Watering: a 100 % electric watering solution is available for maintaining your flowers beds. This equipment is 100 % silent and can be used very early in the morning without the risk of waking up the neighbourhood.
  • Leaf collection: a Goupil equipped with a leaf collector, also 100 % electric, can squeeze into the narrowest streets thanks to its ultra-compact size. This saves the operators the need to use a blower to gather leaves near the skipG4 landscaping
  • Waste management: Goupil vehicles can be fitted with a hooklift and mobile container, the available payload allows for the transportation of your ride-on machines and the collection of bio-organic waste or soil.
  • Weeding: for the most demanding applications such as hot water/steam weedingwe also offer a 100 % electric solution.
  • Work at height: designed in partnership with Klubb, a Goupil equipped with a 10 m high aerial work platform offers a safe solution for work at height: trimming and pruning, maintenance of botanical walls, arranging planters...

For more than 15 years, Goupil has been developing tailor-made vehicles for our customers. We deliver a turnkey solution integrating the most efficient and innovative bodywork. Do not hesitate to contact our teams for a personalised study.

G6 tipper for green areas
Tipper used for the maintenance of green areas in a town
Goupil G4 for green areas
Tipper with storage box for the maintenance of parks and gardens