Parcel delivery

Why choose Goupil for parcel delivery?


The Goupil vehicles are designed with the end-user in mind, allowing them quick in and out’s from the cabin and letting them reach the content of the box van easily. When heavy packages are stacked up and need to be reached – whether from the bottom or the top of the pile – an adequate loading height is essential.

With our standard box van equipment, we make sure you are working at safe height levels because in the end, the efficiency of your rounds comes down to the driver’s.


Turnaround times are also further reduced thanks to the compact footprint of the Goupil getting nearer the end destination. Without disturbing the traffic, our vehicles are cruising to the city accessing streets, walking paths or even underground car parks no other trucks could. In combination with the very short turning radius and silent operation, working early mornings or late evenings for special deliveries is made easy.


Our aluminum-frame van bodies are highly customizable with internal dimensions, shelves, compartments, door openings or specific designs available upon request. With a fully flat anti-slip wooden floor, the possibilities are numerous.