Refuse collection vehicle

Resulting from a partnership between two major players in the French industry, discover the brand new Goupil G6 refuse collection vehicle with bin lifter and shovel.

Why choose a Goupil refuse collection vehicle?

Environmental challenges are part of our everyday lives and waste management is key to reducing our carbon footprint.
Being 100 % electric, our refuse collection vehicles are perfectly in line with sustainable development policies

With its compact size, the Goupil waste collection body can pick up waste in areas where traditional trucks would not have access to. It is an efficient and practical work tool suitable for businesses, local councils and institutions for collecting industrial, green or domestic waste.

Safety and efficiency

The robust frame of the Goupil vehicles allow for a complete solution to be integrated without compromising on payload (up to 520 kg) while keeping a highly compact footprint

By choosing a Goupil G6 refuse collection vehicle, you provide a comfortable and high-performing work tool for your teams: 

  • The useable volume of 3.5 m3 is maximised thanks to the compacting shovel
  • This equipment meets the standards regulating the handling of containers up to 1,000 L.
  • It takes only 12 seconds to empty a container into the truck body, which makes for swift collection and improves your teams’ productivity.
  • monitoring screen and camera inside the cab allow for safe collection operations for your operatives as well as bystanders.

Eco-friendly and silent

Access to town centres being more and more restricted, the need to add the refuse collection body to our range of equipment became self-evident.
The refuse collection vehicle with bin lifter and shovel has been developed in partnership with European leader FAUN.

100 % electric, this equipment is ideal for low emission zones and allows your sanitation workers to operate with a minimum of disturbance. Early morning or evening shifts will not be detrimental to neighbourhoods or people enjoying the outdoors. 

G6 avec BCD et lève-container à Tours


A Goupil refuse collection vehicle is suited for waste collection even outside of town centres.
Restricted areas and closed sites are perfect examples:

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