Our story

Goupil, pioneer in electric utility vehicles

1996: Goupil was founded

Established in the Southwest of France since 1996, Goupil design and produce electric utility vehicles for various customers such as local authorities, industrial or last mile delivery companies.

2011: takeover by Polaris

In 2011, the company based in the French department of Lot-et-Garonne joins Polaris, an American manufacturer leader in recreational all-terrain vehicles.

Joining Polaris is a great opportunity for Goupil: thanks to the strength of this large group, our development pace increases and we can ensure our brand's durability in France as well as on an international level.

From 2015 to today: G5, G4 and G2

Over the last few years, the human and financial resources of Polaris have allowed us to rapidly develop our products and widen our range:

2015: launch of the G5 with Lithium batteries with a range of more than 100 km and a payload of 1 Ton.

2016: launch of a brand new vehicle, the G4, following in the footsteps of its predecessor the G3 while having enhanced performances (Vmax, range, payload…).

2019: launch of the G2, smaller than the G4 and G5, smart and efficient.

2020: launch of the G6, a 3-seater vehicle with higher performance.

More than just a vehicle

Inventor of the concept of neighbourhood utility electric vehicles for city centres or industrial sites, Goupil does not aim to replace thermal vehicles for long distances or speed; our focus is on applications where the use of electric energy is no longer questionable.

Our vehicles are therefore perfectly suited for Stop & Go applications such as watering, waste collection or deliveries.

We know that different clients have different needs, so we offer unique solutions, customized to meet your requirements: isothermal van for delivering cold meals, box van equipped for the collection of laundry with panels separating clean and dirty linen.