Our vision

Our strength: providing 100% customised vehicles

Since it was founded in 1996, Goupil has stayed true to its DNA. In contrast to serial production on a large scale, Goupil's strength lies in its capacity to offer innovative and tailor-made products.

Whether you are a service manager in a local authority or a large business, leader of a small or medium enterprise or a craftsman. Whether your project relates to one vehicle or hundreds of units. Our research and development department will offer you the right vehicle to meet your requirements.

This ability to offer specific solutions to your needs is unrivalled in this category of vehicles. It is our main asset.  Many of the equipment and options we offer today have been developed to offer a practical solution to real issues encountered by our customers.

You are an active part of Goupil’s product development plan.

The combined options available on our G4 and G6 chassis are the result of a very specific customer request. To make full use of a high-pressure washer without losing the flexibility of the high tip waste collection body. Today, the combined model is one of our bestsellers.

Another example is the G2, developed to answer the needs of our leisure and industrial customers who require a vehicle that is both more robust and versatile than the traditional golf cart.

You are part of our story. Whether you’re interested in developing an equipment or even a new vehicle with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

A quality policy at the heart of our corporate development

As part of our policy of continuous improvement and our commitment to the environment, our quality policy is based on five strategic objectives:

  • Building a relationship with our customers and users in order to meet their requirements, while complying with regulations and ensuring our vehicles are safe and reliable. By understanding our customers’ needs, our teams take advantage of new technologies to create innovative products and unique solutions.
  • Industrial and commercial performance, profitability, investments and business sustainability. While consistently growing our sales activities, we are committed to improving the operating performance of our manufacturing site, with special care being given to workstation ergonomics. 
  • Human potential, ethics and corporate communication: people first, their safety, their health and wellbeing. Our human capital is our main asset. We are committed to promoting professional equality and gender diversity, such as staff competencies development, without discrimination and with respect for Human Rights. 
  • Environnemental management and contribution to our customers’ policies for sustainable development. Protecting the environment is at the heart of our vision. Our teams endeavour to minimize the environmental impact of our activities on a daily basis: reducing our energy consumption, pollution prevention, eco-friendly design of our products, sustainable purchasing policy, waste management and recycling…
  • Supporting local communities and their economic growth means getting involved. We support and promote local initiatives and we play an active role in the local economy in terms of employment and innovative technology. 

"Listening to our customers, the quality of our products, respect for the environment and the well-being of our employees are the cardinal values of our company. We are attached to our region and to the men and women who are at the heart of Goupil." Philippe HUGUE, General Director of Goupil.