Tipper with high pressure washer

We have developed a range of combined electric vehicles as we endeavour to meet all our customers’ needs. Offering more flexibility, a single Goupil vehicle can be used for several applications. Fitted with a tipper and high-pressure washer, find out more about the Goupil vehicle ideal for the maintenance of town centres.

Why choose the tipper combined with a high-pressure washer?

The Goupil tipper combined with a high-pressure washer is perfectly suited for managing waste collection in your town or closed site.


One vehicle, two applications. The main advantage of having a combined electric vehicle is to offer a more versatile work tool. With the combined high-pressure washer, you can collect domestic waste and maintain public spaces clean with this all-in-one vehicle. This specific configuration allows urban waste management teams to save time and energy without compromise.

A simple and practical design

Just like the standard tipper, the combined one is also equipped with dropdown and detachable sides and rear tailgate. Only the dimensions differ, but if capacity is an issue, you can always opt for the G4L. This design gives full use of the load bed area and allows for easy loading and unloading.

Our tipper can be equipped with a mesh or solid cage body,increasing the vehicle's loading volume. The cage body is particularly recommended for green space maintenance or waste collection applications. A netting also be fitted to the cage body to avoid losing any waste when the vehicle is moving.

Business case « Urgence propreté », the cleaning program from the city of Paris

The city of Paris has introduced a new street cleaning program since late 2018, called “Urgence Propreté”. Several teams of maintenance agents drive through the streets of Paris, responding to reports made by local residents via a dedicated mobile application. To carry out these cleaning jobs, the “Urgence Propreté” teams are equipped with a Goupil tipper combined with a high-pressure washer or leaf collector.

The combined Goupil vehicle is a real asset to these highly solicited teams. With it, they can carry out various tasks without having to return to the workshop

  • Cleaning of specific areas thanks to the high-pressure washer
  • Garbage collection and cleaning of the bins
  • Litter collection and cleaning of the area
  • Transport of the necessary equipment (brooms, cleaning products, tools…)

Around twenty Goupil electric utility vehicles are being used daily for this cleaning program.

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