Our extensive range of electric vehicles includes several designs ideal for driving inside or outside of healthcare facilities. The various bodywork options available efficiently meet the requirements of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The benefits of electric vehicles in the healthcare sector

Electric vehicles are perfect for healthcare facilities. Their use on closed sites or their surroundings offers several advantages:

  • Eco-friendly:  our electric vehicles do not emit any CO2, therefore contributing to a cleaner environment.
  • Silent: Goiupil vehicles are very quiet, therefore considerably reducing noise pollution. Maintenance teams can work day or night without disturbing patients or caregivers.
  • Image: in caring daily for their patients, health services benefit from a good public image. By choosing electric vehicles, they make a commitment towards sustainable development and reinforce this positive image.

Why chose GOUPIL vehicles for healthcare facilities ?

Healthcare facilities use vehicles for various applications on the premises. The Goupil electric utility vehicle moves easily across the site without hindering the flow of patients and professionals. Thanks to a high payload for an ultra-compact size, our vehicles prove to be a real work tool.

Discover some common applications for healthcare facilities:

  • Electric vehicle equipped with a waste collection body to keep the site clean and empty bins outside of the hospital grounds,  
  • Electric vehicle fitted with a pick-up to transport medical equipment between the different buildings off the hospital complex,
  • Electric vehicle equipped with a refrigerated or isothermal van to ensure food deliveries or the transport of pharmaceutical products,
  • Electric vehicle with a box van to transport clean and dirty laundry...