New: Goupil G6 foodtruck

February 15, 2023 - Vehicles

You are not dreaming: it is indeed a... foodtruck!

As you know, Goupil offers a wide range of equipment. After the tilting platform, the van, the dumpster, the watering system, the leaf vacuum cleaner, the waste collection dumpster or the platform with column tailgate... Goupil keeps innovating and now offers you the G6 foodtruck!

A new equipment developed in partnership with BCC - Baeten Carrossier Constructeur, manufacturer of store vehicles adapted to itinerant traders

From the design to the kitchen equipment, everything is thought out and optimized to fit perfectly with your concept.

G6 foodtruck was presented for the first time at the Sirha show in Lyon

G6 foodtruck was presented for the first time at the Sirha show in Lyon


Why choose the Goupil electric utility for your foodtruck? 


The foodtruck or "mobile canteen truck" is gradually taking off in France and is proving to be the new fast food mode combined with quality and local cuisine.

More and more often, we come across them in the streets, in parking lots, in front of offices and even during private events: more and more consumers appreciate this new way of eating. A real trend of the moment and a new sustainable way to eat, choose the G6 foodtruck!

Ecological and silent solution: thanks to its 100% electric technology, you will have an enhanced image with your customers, demonstrating your daily commitment to sustainable development.

With its loading volume, you will have enough space to be more comfortable and efficient in your culinary preparations.

Its practicality and comfort will become essential to your daily life: the G6 foodtruck will prove to be your new work companion!


You want to know more about this new configuration? Our team is at your disposal, contact us here.