First G6 in Europe!

December 7, 2020 - Company

Launched in 2020, the Goupil G6 will soon make its debut in several countries in Europe. Some of our partners have already received their first vehicle!

Our Swiss distributor was one of the first to receive their G6 on a sunny day at the end of October. They were thrilled with the delivery of this brand new vehicle and very keen to share with us this picture! A big thank you for sharing and we wish them every success with this new model!



From Switzerland we move on to Scandinavia! Here we find our Swedish partners striking a pose with their newly delivered Goupil G6. Excited with this new procurement, they already have several demonstrations planned in the town of Malmö.



The last stop of our virtual journey takes us to Norway! Our local distributor has also received their first Goupil G6. To mark the occasion, they organised a presentation to the press. We thank them for this great initiative that will surely spread the word about our new utility vehicle!