Do you know the Secret Santa?

December 9, 2022 - Company

With the end of the year holidays approaching, we make the magic of Christmas work at Goupil: a secret Santa and a surprise gift around a convivial moment... This is the recipe of the famous Secret Santa!

Straight from the Anglo-Saxon world, the Secret Santa tradition is more and more popular in French companies. This little Christmas animation is becoming more and more popular and allows to reinforce the team cohesion and the good mood between employees. However, in order to guarantee the success of the Secret Santa, it is necessary to start by organizing it well. 

Tips for a successful Secret Santa in company: 

  • Set the rules: 
    • Option 1: Know the identity of the person to whom you are to give a gift (by drawing the name of a colleague). 
    • Option 2: Don't know the identity of the person to whom you are giving a gift (in this case, you find out the name of the person who will receive your gift only on the day of the gift exchange).
  • Define a budget: This is an important step in the organization of the Secret Santa, it allows everyone to offer a gift of the same value. At Goupil, we have opted for a maximum budget of 10 €.
  • Finding gift ideas: You have to be creative and use your imagination to offer original gifts. Some ideas: games or plants for the office, Christmas socks, chocolates, scratch-off tickets, tea or coffee, a mug...
  • Organize a Secret Santa day for the exchange of gifts: For more conviviality, the exchange of gifts can be done during an end of year meal. For that, it is necessary to determine the date and the place of this event. 

Giving gifts to your colleagues and spending a warm moment during the Secret Santa allows you to get together in a less formal way and to reinforce the bonds. The holiday season is a time for sharing and the Secret Santa tradition is the perfect opportunity to mix with other departments in the company and share a little Christmas magic.