Best practices for your Goupil vehicles during the quarantine period

March 20, 2020 - EV

During this exceptional quarantine period, many of you are no longer able to use your Goupil electrical vehicles. Our team is here to remind you of the dos and don’ts to protect your utility vehicles.

1. Lead acid batteries

  • Keep the vehicle connected to the power supply
  • OR complete a full charge every 3 weeks

2. Lithium batteries

E4V brand

  • Plug in the vehicle with the BDI being under 79 % and over 15 % with the winter mode activated

Kaitek brand

  • Complete a full charge before storing the vehicle
  • Repeat a full charge at least every 3 months

Winter mode

It is advisable to avoid idle periods exceeding 2 months.

To keep battery in good conditions, please avoid leaving the battery OFF for long time.

If the battery is expected to face prolonged inactivity period, it is mandatory to complete a full charge before the prolonged inactivity period begins.

It is mandatory to perform one full charge every 3 months.