At Goupil, many works are in progress!

November 17, 2022 - Company

Goupil is expanding...

Goupil's premises are expanding: new buildings are under construction!

One will be used for the distribution of after-sales parts, and another will be used as a prototyping and special production workshop with a mezzanine that will house the design office in the first quarter of 2023.

And it's also relocating!

It's official, part of our design office is moving to Bordeaux to create a new research and innovation center!

The mission of this new entity will be to analyze the commercial vehicle market and its applications in order to offer you ever more innovative solutions! This is the opportunity to recruit new talents! 

Development of the production

The production teams continue to grow! 

The new G4 line was set up during our summer vacations: the expected capacity is 95 vehicles per week in 2x8. Currently, we produce 90 vehicles per week, i.e. 17 to 18 vehicles per day. 

Office layout 

Between carpentry, painting, decorating and changing the offices, our premises are constantly being modernized to bring more comfort and well-being to our teams. It is obvious that working in pleasant premises can only increase the productivity and motivation of employees. Flex office* spaces have also been created.

We also decided to rename our meeting rooms with the following theme: the Lot-et-Garonne and its remarkable towns and villages. Our naming logic: the room reflects the size of the town (large room, large town: Agen for example; small room, small town: Pujols for example). 

*Small office available and open to all to isolate oneself the time of a call or a short meeting. 

Installation of photovoltaic panels

At Goupil, solar panels have been installed on the roof of the premises and on the shade of the parking lot for the staff. Indeed, we use our spaces to produce green and local energy (the surplus is sold to EDF). 

Did you know that? Green energy is ideal in the context of the energy transition, solar energy does not emit greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide. As an added bonus, photovoltaic panels are made mostly of recyclable materials. The final phase of the self-consumption project is scheduled for 2025.