Lokalne samorządy

Pojazdy G4, G6 lub G2 oferują rozwiązania dostosowane do szerokiego zakresu działań, takich jak zbiórka odpadów, utrzymanie parków i ogrodów lub zarządzanie przestrzeniami publicznymi. 

Fleet electrification is a major issue affecting the whole of society: businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by converting their fleet to cleaner vehicles.
Meanwhile, the number of private individuals opting for an electric car is also increasing.
Between purchase and leasing (Personal Contract Hire or Personal Contract Purchase), manufacturers are expanding their offers on the market.

Are you a green space professional working for local councils? Are you managing city maintenance teams? Do you own a company maintaining public roads? Are you responsible for waste collection operations in your town?

Goupil specialises in electric utility vehicles for local councils. For more than 25 years, we have been offering 100% electric trucks, designed and manufactured in France.

Green areas maintenance, waste collection, cleaning operations, facility maintenanceour robust and versatile vehicles are perfectly adapted to the various tasks carried out by city maintenance teams.

G6 with hooklift

The business world is amid a transition towards greener means of transport. Whether you're a business owner or an employee of a local authority, the Goupil range offers a wide choice of configurations for the public sector.

Our vehicles are available for purchase or leasing. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation!

The benefits of electric technology for local authorities

The well-being of citizens is at the heart of maintenance teams’ operations: choosing a Goupil electric utility van is a unique opportunity to improve living conditions for residents by reducing air pollution.

The various activities of council workers and businesses supporting local authorities require utility vehicles that can be deployed anywhere, at any time, efficiently and discreetly.

Regional authorities are playing a leading role to play in the green transition by decarbonising their fleets and facilitating vehicle electrification for all businesses and private individuals.

The actions taken by local authorities include the deployment of charging stations and providing financial assistance to individuals and businesses who purchase an electric vehicle.

G4 for waste collection operations in a narrow street

From the upkeep of green spaces to waste collection and infrastructure management, Goupil vans are more than just a means of transport.
Genuine work partners, they provide efficient support for public sector professionals, with all the added benefits of electric technology.


Our utility vehicles facilitate the management of maintenance operations: with zero CO2 emissions and thanks to their silent operation, Goupil’s allow for operations to be carried out at any time without causing inconvenience for bystanders or residents.

All-purpose vehicles

Converting your vehicle fleet to electric vans guarantees unlimited access to low-emission zones, enabling professionals to carry out their work.
These zones, managed by regional authorities, are set to increase in number in the coming years, both in France and abroad.


Electrifying your car fleet certainly comes at a price, but it also saves you money in the long run: fewer trips to the petrol station and less maintenance help reduce running costs.


Opting for an electric Goupil demonstrates your commitment to sustainable mobility and enhances your image among citizens. It also actively contributes to achieving the carbon neutrality goal set by the State.

With ever more restrictive regulations limiting the use of fossil-fuel powered vehicles, especially in cities, local councils are well advised to look for more sustainable means of transport to carry out their various tasks.

Financial assistance to help with converting to cleaner mobility

The government has implemented a number of measures encouraging the transition from a 100% fossil-fuel powered car fleet to a hybrid – therefore less polluting – vehicle fleet.

Buying or leasing an electric car or utility vehicle offers advantages such as tax benefits and purchase incentives. As fiscal support varies from country to country, remember to enquire about financial assistance in your state.

Goupil, the perfect partner for local authorities

Whether you’re managing maintenance operations in a town, city or conurbation, we offer a wide range of configurations perfect for efficiently supporting council workers in their daily tasks.

The Goupil G4 is the vehicle of choice for local trips.
Its compact size makes it easy to travel without hindering traffic or bystanders. It can weave in and out of narrow streets in town centres or move through bollards for the maintenance of urban areas.

Our utility trucks do not emit CO2 and can therefore be used inside public facilities.

The G4 comes with a variety of configurations: van bodies, load beds, waste collectors… A combined version is also available including a high-pressure washer, a leaf collector or a storage box.

Van bodies for maintenance
G4 van bodies for maintenance operations in public facilities
G4 tipper for cleaning
G4 tipper for cleaning operations in city centres

W przypadku najbardziej wymagających zastosowań, takich jak usuwanie graffiti lub konserwacja architektury miejskiej, nasze pojazdy Goupil mogą być wyposażone w wysokociśnieniowy agregat gorącej wody lub urządzenie do czyszczenia sodą. Dostępny jest również w 100% elektryczny sprzęt do odchwaszczania gorącą wodą.